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Project Description
The objective of this application is to perform a mail merge process between an Excel spreadsheet and a fillable PDF document.

Installation Note
If you have a 64-bit computer with Microsoft Office installed, please make sure that Microsoft Office is also a 64-bit version. Make sure to also download the 64-bit version of PDF Mail Merge, as it is often times missed (the 32-bit version has the big download button). This is a limitation in the Microsoft .NET framework for accessing spreadsheet information.

The 64 bit version of this app will not work if you have a 32-bit version of Microsoft Office installed.
The 32 bit version of this app will not work if you are using a 64 bit version of windows.

Microsoft Office Compatibility

Though it has not been tested, some users report that Microsoft Office 2013 is compatible.

Microsoft Office 365 has not been tested, and is reported as not compatible. In order to get this application to work with Office 365, please install this separate package:

Quick How-To:
  1. Get or create a fillable PDF form
  2. Create an Excel spreadsheet
  3. Make the first row of the spreadsheet contain the names of the fields from the fillable PDF
  4. Fill data in the subsequent rows
  5. Open PDF Mail Merge and browse for the data source Excel spreadsheet & the fillable PDF
  6. Select an output folder
  7. Optionally, give a custom name format to the outputted documents
  8. Merge!

You can test PDF Mail Merge with these documents from Skydrive:
Test Template.pdf
Test Document.xlsx

  1. There is a limitation with field names, suggest that you only use alpha characters for field names (no numbers or symbols).

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