Filling radio buttons or check boxes?

Dec 22, 2014 at 9:05 PM
I've just started using the program and have had success with the basics. I've figured out the file paths and file name format in the program. And I've figured out form field names in my fillable PDF's to be able to correctly set up my Excel data source.

However, I haven't figured out how to correctly handle fillable PDF's with check boxes or radio buttons. What format should be Excel data source be for that field? I've tried using "on" and "off" and that seems to work in some cases but not consistently.
Mar 9, 2015 at 6:06 PM
Not sure about radio buttons, but the checkboxes I had to fill were either 1 or 0 , some are Yes or No.
You can fill in some sample data in form and export it to see values in XML.
Mar 10, 2015 at 7:58 AM
19345y85 is right, depending on who made the PDF and when they made it - the checkbox and radio button "export" values can have different things. You'll need to know what these export values are before attempting to run this app.

In older versions of Adobe Acrobat (like ancient versions) the default export value for checkboxes were "On". Recently the default export value is "Yes" with a capital Y. The case, apparently, matters. I have seen some "free" PDF editors use default value of "1", though I don't condone the usage of these free editors as I've seen them break PDFs in much worse ways.

If the checkbox value is anything other than the export value - the checkbox will be unchecked. EX: if the export value is "Yes" and you fill in "cheeseburger" for the value then the checkbox will not be checked.

You could change the export value of a checkbox to "Rainbow", and then set the value in your document to "Rainbow" and it would check the box. If, however, you filled in "rainbow" for the value - I would expect it to not be checked because you lack the capital R.

Radio buttons have largely the same behavior - the difference is that while checkboxes should all have unique field names, radio buttons are designed to carry the same name as at least 1 other radio button. This forces you to select only 1 value for the group of items. However, you could force checkboxes to share a field name (like radio buttons do) and then the checkboxes will behave as radio buttons.